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Arama Café Tops Our List With Their Food and Ambience!


Arama cafe is a breath of fresh air. Literally and metaphorically. When you walk into the cafe, prepare to be captivated by the lush greenery surrounding it, with an open garden where you can see can see a group of friends celebrating birthdays or kids playing around. This place is synonymous with picturesque beauty. It’s not just the ambience that gave the cafe a special place in our hearts. As always, food had a very important role.

The cafe wanted to give its customers an experience that they will never get in any other cafe, and they have succeeded in doing that with their Chinese Idlies, Manic Planet, Tawa Pulao Sizzler. Think continental food with an Indian twist. The cafe’s spinach stroganoff with mushroom served on the bed of herbed rice and garlic bread is a favourite among the customers. With a quirky menu, with beautiful illustrations adorning it, it will not be a big surprise when you are tempted to order more.

Arama cafe offers delicious food at a very reasonable rate, and this is another reason why it is a popular spot among the students. Also, students have an excellent deal of 20% off on their orders above INR 250, if they produce their college id cards. The cafe owners coming from a film background understand the need for locations required for film shooting. They lend out the space for an amount of 1,500 per hour. Also, they are the only cafe in the city that plan and execute surprises, with decorations just starting from INR 500.

A pure vegetarian cafe, Arama café is the perfect place where you can sit down and relax with your friends, and sip on some Hibiscus Ice Tea and enjoy good music. Or if you are someone looking to throw your best friend an amazing birthday party, think no more! Arama café has enough space for your entire gang! If you still don’t believe us, head down to the cafe to see it for yourself about what we are talking about!