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Are you a foodie and a shutterbug? We might just have the perfect job for you


Hey you. Yes, you. We know you like food. You wouldn’t be here if you don’t. But we want to know if you also like this.

Now tell us, do you think you would have done anything differently? Have you always thought that food from behind a lens is just so much better? Well, my friend, we are going to change your life forever. 

We are looking for a videographer in Chennai who always has been a shutterbug and happens to love food. We give you the opportunity to combine your love for the two. Think you can be passionate about a job like this? You will be responsible for shooting videos for the brands that we work with, and for our readers’ viewing pleasure. Think things like recipes, how-to, stop-motion, restaurant coverage, chef interviews…the list goes on.

Think this is right up your lane? Drop in your resume to [email protected] or apply through our LinkedIn job post (we would prefer that)