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Arnab Goswami’s View(s) On The Beef Ban Has Got Us All Confused!


Journalist, TV News Reporter, and loud displayer of opinions, Arnab Goswami has been quite the talk of the town following the launch of his independent news channel, Republic TV, earlier this month. Goswami climbed up the TRP and fame ladder with his popular and strongly worded debates hosted the man on Times Now’s ‘News Hour’, a show that has been synonymized with truth and nothing but the truth.

On one such insightful debate held on Times Now in 2015, the news anchor took up the subject of the (then) beef ban imposed by various state governments. Mr. Goswami went ahead to question the said authorities on the ban bringing up some brilliant counter attacks on the ban like if it’s all about the Hindus’ religious sentiments, why don’t we ban alcohol and pork as well because many Muslim folk consider the consumption of both sinful. We know, our hearts gave the man an honorary standing ovation as well.

However, now that the Central Government has once again sought to ban the sale, consumption, and trade of cattle, Arnab Goswami has taken it upon himself yet again to settle the debate. This time on his shiny new channel, of course. Only, he doesn’t seem to be on the same side of the debate anymore! In a recent video that has emerged online, Arnab can be seen speaking for the beef ban, pulling out the exact same point he did back in 2015, but form a completely mirrored angle!

A member of Congress’ Digital Communication team and YouTuber Gaurav Pandhi, brought the video, which compares the two sides of Arnab, to light. Take a look and decide which Arnab do you support, because frankly our thought process have been temporarily suspended after watching this.


Feature Image: Times Now

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