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Around the world in 10 beers


1. Budweiser, Czech Republic

Beer on your mind? Czech this out. 


2. Angkor Beer, Cambodia

Cambodia’s pride has a rich flavour, light and hoppy with just the right bitterness.


3. Four Pines Stout, Australia

Four Pines and awesome. Australia has got it right. 

four pines

4. Barrique O’Karma, Australia

Twice right and you’re Australia. 


5. Green Flash Road Warrior, California

 ‘Raise a glass to those who never settle!’ And raise it we will! 

green flash

6. Three Horses Beer, Madagascar

 We like to? Down it, down it. 

Three horses

7. Yakima Red, London

 Britain and Germany join hands to provide the malt for this Masterpiece. 

Yakima red

8. London Lager, London

Long-matured, un-pasteurised lager, where all you can taste is malt and hop.


9. Stone Go-to IPA, California

 “Hop bursting” ly Awesome. 


10. Weihenstephaner, Germany

 This German bottle of perfection (no matter how hard it may be for you to pronounce) will surprise you.