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azote- a dramatic, lab like.. nitro ice cream parlor!!


Creamy kulfis, frozen lollies, natural flavored gelatos, ice-creams, lustrous sorbets, and all things bright and pretty make this scorching summer heat endurable.

As food trends reinvent themselves, so do flavors and textures. While it is easy to fall back upon the ice-cream-on-carts dotting the city, being a little adventurous gets rewarding. 
If you are a person looking for some drama and theatrics, Azote at SDA market in Delhi is the place to be. Their liquid nitrogen ice-creams will have you floored with their out-of-the-box flavours . It is an authentic little Patisserie and Nitro Ice cream parlour run by  two friends, Sahil Mehandroo and Kartik Chadh , trained Pastry Chefs from Le Cordon Bleu.
They offer liquid-nitrogen ice-creams in flavours like the red-velvet, blueberry cheesecake and brownie-choco chips. All these are basically popular desserts that have been turned into ice-creams at Azote. The different flavours of the ice creams will leave a memorable and delicious taste in your mouth.
Located in the SDA market, near hauz khas village, Dellhi…..this small lab like ice cream parlor and patisserie will leave you spell bound. The moment you are in front of it…you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into some laboratory… With their main door looking like a refrigerator door….the experience begins…as soon as you step inside… will immediately notice they have three counters on display…the 1st one displays brightly colored macaroons and some exotic flavored chocolates…the middle one is the biggest and here is where the nitro theatrics takes place….with beakers containing ice cream flavors in liquid form and bright red colored ice cream churners….the last counter showcases some of their very best desserts…!!
from the staff wearing lab coats, to the wall adorned with test tubes….from beakers containing liquid flavors to toppings oozing out of the syringes….they have it all!!
it is a very small place with no seating area, so the staff is pretty limited too…..though they are very welcoming and friendly….and actually enjoy the theatrics and illusion they put into while making an ice cream and the look on the customer’s face!!! so well there is no service as such but yes the items are prepared diligently and with lots of fun and ease…!!
Nitro Ice cream is prepared with freshest ingredients and frozen instantly without any preservatives and stabilizers. They have some really great flavors like red velvet, cookie crumb, chocolate sorbet, mango and raspberry…and more for ice creams and even more so for their shakes…!!!
because we had lunch elsewhere and it was one heavy lunch , me and my partner were almost full when we reached azote…so for our first visit we just ordered one ice cream…though i was very much tempted to try their macaroons and other delicious desserts!!
we ordered mango raspberry ice cream: the lady behind the counter took ot a beaker from the shelf below containing the mango raspberry mix in liquid form, which was then poured into the ice cream churner along with liquid nitro/dry ice…and the illusion began with foggy smoke exuding from it!!
after the liquid froze to a semi solid state it was served in a cup topped with a crisp sphere of wafer and a syringe filled with chocolate!!
the texture of the ice cream was surprising really smooth and creamy with very few crystals…..and it was perfectly soothing to the palate especially to beat the heat outside!! the flavor was exquisite…we could taste both mango-Alphonso i guess…(dominating flavor) and raspberry(more like the after taste)……the wafer was also very thin and crisp….though the liquid chocolate topping was something i didn’t enjoy even though am a big chocolate lover!! it was really think and left your mouth extremely dry…
the prices are decent for all the hard work put into it!! the experience was enjoyable…
would def. b back to try other items that we missed this time!!
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