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Bananas With Edible Peel Grow Organically In Western Japan


There are many fruits that have edible peels but many like bananas, oranges, mangoes don’t. However, there are bananas with edible peels that do exist in the world and this happens organically in D&T Farm, Okayama Prefecture situated in Western Japan.

The Mongee Banana

According to a report by Rocket News24, these bananas with edible peels called the Mongee Banana are grown in a cooler climate than regular bananas using a method called ‘Freeze Thaw Awakening’. This method is used to extract and implement the DNA of the bananas so that a specimen could be created that used to grow the way it did in ancient times.

The report further said that the Mongee Bananas are sweeter in taste and contain 24.8 grams of sugar than 18.3 grams found in the regular bananas. The skin however does not have much of flavour but is thin enough to be eaten.

Image Source: Mongee Banana