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Bangalore Eco Club Launches Online Plea To Oppose BBMP Move To Pulverize Food Waste


Last month we reported that the BBMP would soon be making it mandatory to install food waste disposal units in newly built houses to solve the problem of collecting wet food waste. However, the proposal has met with some resistance in the form of an online plea posted on

Solving Existing Problems But Creating New Ones

The petition, posted by Bangalore Eco Club and addressed to the Mayor, hopes to find  “better and simpler ways [than pulverizing] like composting to manage wet waste and this can take care of cooked food as well as fruit and vegetable peels.”

One of the major points of difference comes from the fact that an abundance of fresh water will be necessarily consumed in order to turn the food waste into liquid form. “When drains are blocked with food sludge, flooding will increase multifold. Raw sewage will emerge out of manholes and flow on roads. When pipes are blocked, raw sewage will burst out of manholes and flow freely across roads. The raw sewage will reach drains and lakes,” it added.

The petition has already received 1,500 supporters who reiterate that the BBMP will solve an existing problem by creating new ones.

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