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Beardos, Get Yourself A Free Ice Cream At Cold Stone Creamery Tomorrow!


Beardos, November is finally upon us. For one whole month, you’ll have a legitimate reason to shoo away the naysayers trying to get rid of your brilliant bread. Yes, No shave November is here and even your significant other wouldn’t begrudge you the opportunity to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

For all the men (and women, why not) who tirelessly maintain your beards (sometimes against stiff resistance), Cold Stone Creamery is about to make your Thursday (November 9th, 2017) a whole lot better! Free ice cream is on the cards for those of you with a “face full of connected whiskers” (their words, not mine).

However, there is a catch, Cold Stone Creamery does have a pretty strict criterion in place, so for those of you only nursing a few sparse hairs (we know you tried, believe us) you may not qualify (welp). The promotion is also only available for the first 50 people at each outlet, so we’d hurry if we were you. A free Signature Collection Ice Cream isn’t something to gamble on!

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