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Bite Into These Surreal Rainbow Bagels By The Bagel Store, Brooklyn


Williamsburg, Brooklyn witnessed a unicorn recently. Yes yes, onlookers confess that the magical animal trotted into The Bagel Store and threw up rainbows everywhere? The result? The store is rolling out some amazing rainbow colored bagels now!


Edible Magic

The colorful – almost psychedelic – bagels look like a place where rainbows would originate. But the vibrance of the breakfast grub isn’t all; the bagel comes with a rainbow sprinkle-filled white cake (also known as Funfetti) cream cheese stuffing topped with a layer of pink and blue cotton candy.

Yep, it’s every cavity-fearing parent’s nightmare and every business-loving dentist’s dream come true.fwx-kitchen-trash-rainbow-bagels


Color Parade

The Bagel Store’s fascination for colored bakes does not end at the rainbow bagels. The balers have gone all out with their food colorings as a result of which their shelves are lined with sugary eats like white, yellow and orange candy corn flavored bagels that made it just in time for Halloween and pink and blue cotton candy flavored

At $3.95 each, it is kind of obvious why the rainbow bagel is the most loved of all creations at the shop. And considering the fact that it takes about 5 hours to puff up just around 100 bagels – the store can make 100 regular ones in the same time – that is a darn good deal!

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