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Bournvita’s New Ad Has Some Advice For Parents During Exam Time


Think back to when you were a kid; did exam time make your break out in hives? Did the prospect of scoring low marks scare you speechless? Now, come back to the present; do you actually remember the marks you scored in your 9th grade exams? Don’t seem so important now, do they?

That’s precisely the sentiment that a new Bournvita ad is trying to explore.

Prepping Parents For Exams

In Bournvita’s latest ad, which promotes the Bournvita Badam Booster – a new product – a school principal notes – during a parent teacher meeting – that school exams are coming up. She asks a parent if she remembers how many marks she scored in school, or even college. When the parent fails to remember, the principal reveals she herself only received 59%, adding that in the end, marks are not as important as children having a good rounded education. Check it out below:

The ad was conceptualised and carried out by Olgivy and Mather. Commenting on the campaign, Ryan Mendoca, the senior creative director said “Progressive parenting is at the core of Bournvita’s advertising. We thought this new variant, Bournvita Badam Booster, could be a vessel to carry an alternative paradigm about exams and education. Truth is that under the pretext of education, real learning has taken a backseat. This film is a gentle reminder about where the focus of education should be. For us, this spot is another chapter in Tayyari Jeet Ki.”

About Bournvita India

‘Tayyrai Jeet Ki’, which translates to ‘Ready For The Victory’ is the philosophy for Bournvita India’s ads.

Bournvita is a malted drink powder that was first sold in India in 1948. It falls under the Cadbury under Modelez India foods.