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Breakfast Disparity In Rohit Sharma’s Home


Rohit Sharma is an absolute terror on the field when he is playing at his best. To put in their best foot forward, sportsmen have to go through rigorous training and be on a healthy diet at all times. Even a little indulgence can cost them so they always strive to be on a stringent diet and regime. But what if your wife is binging on chocolate pancakes and fried food?

This is exactly what happened with Rohit Sharma who’s on a low-fat diet with his humble salad and juice. He took to Instagram to share the disparity between his and his wife, Ritika Sajdeh’s breakfast. Take a look below.

We will be watching Sharma play after a long time as he’s been resting post the ICC Champions Trophy. He’ll soon be playing for the Indian Cricket Team on their visit to Sri Lanka for a series.

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