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Celebrity Trainer Yasmin Karachiwala And Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary Have A No-Diet Regime Planned For You!



As exciting as the holiday season is for pajama and blanket lovers, it also brings along the constant fear of not looking good (read, hideous) in your New Year eve LBD. You either go on rigorous diet and exercise regime or just settle for a kaftan for your party. But celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and nutrition expert Rashi Chowdhary would rather you don’t do either of the two. The secret? A no-diet plan.yasmin-story_647_120215033926

Before you close the window and start drafting a vicious open letter to us, hear it out. Karachiwala recently shared three foolproof steps drafted by Rashi Chowdhary to getting into ideal shape by the time the year ends online. Here’s what you do.


  1. Fat Factor

Chowdhary advises that the first thing you eat should not be high in carbs and this especially for people who have high fasting insulin levels. “If you’ve been struggling with a resistant metabolism, try waking up to a tablespoon of good MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) like mentioned earlier. These sources of fat are also great for your metabolism because your body can use them up really quickly, a lot like carbohydrates”, she says.

These fats, unlike others from processed foods and vegetable oils, in fact don get stored in your body at all. This work really well for people who have low metabolism.wholewheatbread1752


  1. Carb o’ Clock

“Carbs are great for you and can work for you if you time them correctly. Based on your intolerances (if any) you can choose between brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa or sweet potato”, Rashi says.

Blanace out your meal based on the nutrients. If you’re indulging in a high carbs, even it out with an insulin-sensitizing element in your meal that will also keep your sugar levels in check. A few examples include fried rice and vinegar, cinnamon powder and biryani, and so on.schezwanfriedrice1011


  1. Healthy Hours

Although hghly unlikely, but unless you’re hitting the gym in the evening, lunch should be your last tête-à-tête with carbs. “If you are not in the mood to train at all, then I suggest you drop the carbs post lunch and stick with food like nuts, meats, lentils and avocado post lunch”, Rashi professes.ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss


The trick here is to eat clean and not starve your way to Christmas. So stick to these tips by Rashi Chowdhary and share your success story with us in the comments below!


Source: India Today

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