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Check Out Justin Trudeau’s S’mores Making Skills!


We really don’t need any more pictures, videos, or statements to prove that Justin Trudeau is the best Prime Minister there is on the North American continent (ahem). But will that stop the man from indulging in more people-friendly gestures? Nope. Trudeau is – in every sense of the word – perfect. From his political stands to being a human being, flaws fail to touch him.

The most recent reason why people have been gushing on about the Canadian Prime Minister is his appearance at a summer camp, where he was to hold an informal press conference with reporters after a quick interaction with all the people who had come to meet him (this man is a PR company’s dream).

According to The Huffington Post, while there, the Trudeaus visited with young day campers at the Islands Provincial Park near the municipality of Shelburne.

And it wasn’t just a regular tete a tete that Trudeau stopped at. He along with his wife Sophie and their three kids, Ella Grace, Xavier, and Hadrien went on to toast some marshmallows with the kids present at the riverside location in Nova Scotia. Take a look!

Trudeau even took the opportunity to share his s’mores making skills with three-year-old Hadrien, his youngest son. *So many feels*

The Prime Minister spoke to journalists about the “estimated 300,000 fewer children living in poverty”. The Trudeau family’s public outing also marked the one year anniversary of the new Canada Child Benefit, a tax-free monthly payment given to eligible families that helps with the cost of raising children, notes The Kings County Register.


Feature Image: Elle

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