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Chennai, Is Ola going to be delivering your food to you?


Ola Cafe might soon be in Chennai. 

When Ola Cafe goes from beta to full launch soon, the city of Chennai might be on its to-do list. Currently, Ola Cafe operates in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai and is doing really well. This is part of Ola effort to branch in to different verticals. 

While Ola’s Head of Marketing Communications Anand Subramanian, said on the sidelines of the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards held in Chennai recently that the beta version was doing quite well in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

“Once the beta is over, the service will be launched in other major cities very soon,” he said. 

The Ola Cafe is embedded into the Ola App itself. So if you’re looking to go somewhere to eat and whip up your smart phone to book a cab, here’s an idea: the food comes to you with Ola. The food will be delivered by a cab in 15 – 20 minutes at the location from which the customer has ordered. The Ola Café section of the app will display the food carrying cabs within reach of the customers location.

Ingenious, isn’t it? Now, you just have to wait it out.