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Crystal Pepsi Makes Its Last Appearance In US Stores


A popular drink in the nineties, Crystal Pepsi is making a comeback for one last time on the shelves of the stores in the US. It tastes exactly like regular Pepsi and boasts of being healthier due to its crystal clear colour and no caffeine. However, this may be the last time it will be available for a limited edition as Pepsi’s Vice President said in a statement that, “we’re excited to see this special tour come to life and to celebrate Crystal Pepsi’s last return.”

Released n 1992 Crystal Pepsi was one of the popular beverages which disappeared within a year. The drink has made limited edition comebacks in 2015 and 2016. This year it will return as a part of Pepsi’s Throwback Tour and the statements from the brand are indicating a final return. In 2016 about 35,000 people had petitioned for a comeback of Crystal Pepsi.