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D: OH! Is The Exciting New Concept Restaurant From Degustibus Hospitality Which You Need To Know About


Degustibus Hospitality, which is renowned for its Indigo Deli and Neel restaurants has launched a new restaurant – D: OH! – with a never-seen-before concept in Mumbai’s hospitality scene.

The Scoop

D: OH! is an expansive, 72 seater space in Lower Parel which changes its avatar depending on the time of the day. So, in the morning you may stop by for a pick-me-up breakfast followed by a relaxing coffee break in the mid-morning. Come lunchtime, it will morph into a working lunch space while in the afternoon it will adopt a casual hangout vibe. By evening, it will have transformed into a buzzing bar.

As well as your typical tables, the restaurant will have a community table with a miniature train and tracks at its center, which will be hard at work ferrying food up and down the table.

The Eats

The D: OH! menu is as varied as its concept. When it comes to drinks, there are shakes, smoothies and the all too popular ‘freakshakes’ to choose from. These include the Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake, the Bacon Milk Shake and the Kokum Spritzer.

Meanwhile, when it comes to food there’s a counter experience which will allow you to approach your ordering DIY style. Or, if you want to do things a little more traditionally, you can order dishes like Amritsari Style Fish & Chips, Peppered Mutton Stew or a Chili Cheese melt from D:OH!’s menu.

Chef  JD Mukherjee the Executive  Chef at Degustibus  Hospitality  says, “D:OH!  is our attempt  to present  simple,  straight  forward  food and drinks  from  across the globe in  a very  casual, contemporary  environment.   The  menu  is  part healthy  and part decadent  ready to eat fare, coupled  with  a selection  of quick  service  a la  carte food as well.  The  best quality  ingredients have  been paired  with  traditional  cooking  processes  – delicious  and affordable  food! Welcome  to D:OH!”

“We’ve  created D:OH!  to embody  the quick-pick-me-up-ity-ness  of today’s  generation–if that’s  even  a phrase.  And more  than  an innovation  in  a business  model,  it  is  the brand’s personality  that  really  breaks new  ground.  We’re excited  to see how  the general  audience accepts this  fresh  concept  and we are confident  that  the modern  Indian  foodie  will  truly appreciate  this  new  space’, says  Anurag  Katriar,  Executive  Director  and CEO at deGustibus Hospitality  Pvt. Ltd. ‘

D:OH! will open its doors on February14th mark your calendars!