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Which Dairy Milk Variant Are You Oompa Loompas For? #POLL


Mondelez-owned Cadbury Dairy Milk has been in our life for longer than we can even remember! Right from its nostalgia-doused ads to its journey over a number of looks and designs, the chocolate has seen more variety than any other brand. Speaking of, Cadbury Dairy Milk is now not just Dairy Milk, one has to specify which Dairy Milk. Is it Silk, Fruit n Nut, or Bubbly? And thanks to the brands uber creative product team, there is now a wondrous version called ‘Marvellous Creations’ in the market!

In a nutshell, Cadbury Dairy Milk has evolved into so many different varieties, that it is hard to pick just one! But still we ask you, which one of these Dairy Milk variants is your absolute favourite? Vote and let us know!

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Feature Image: chocablog

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