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Dairy Queen Has A St Patrick’s Day Themed Blizzard And Yes, It’s Green


Even if you’ve never been to a Dairy Queen (like many of us here on the Indian subcontinent) you’ll have heard of their famed Blizzards. A real (not at all mythical) drink that you can turn completely upside down without spilling it. Now, they’ve turned on the green in homage to St. Patrick’s Day with a Mint Oreo (Green) Blizzard!

This limited-edition drink will be the ‘Blizzard’ of the month at Dairy Queen, and since St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th, we’re assuming that you can pop into a DQ near you during the whole month of March to get your hands on the minty-green, oreo-filled treat!

However, they have mentioned that the Mint Oreo Blizzard will only be available at selected outlets, so you better hustle and check if they’re serving at a DQ near you – otherwise, dare we say, roadtrip?

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