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Dilli Diaries: The Best Of Every State Food Stall At Dilli Haat


Delhi is thriving with cultures, traditions and people from all over the globe. It’s only fair to call the Capital a culture cocktail – a potent one at that! With a population so diverse in a country so ethnically endowed, it’s about right that the city has a culture hub that prides itself with crafts and most importantly food from every state of India. Yes, we’re speaking of Dilli Haat.

Now, it can be super confusing and challenging to bring yourself to pick a dish from an entirely new cuisine. Allow us to guide you through the best that Dilli Haat’s state stalls have to offer.


  1. Momo Mia

State: Arunachal Pradesh

The place thrives with momo fanatics (duh-uh) dousing their palates with excellent steamed and fried momos along with fruit beer. The place also serves up traditional Arunachal cuisine. The pork with bamboo shoot gravy is a must try.momos


  1. Assam Food Stall

State: Assam

Satiate your Assamese cravings with the decadent preparations at this food stall. Apart from the Assam specials, the chicken with bamboo shoot and fish thali deserve some special attention.assamese-fish-curry


  1. Bhoj Bhaat

State: Bihar

Again, one word – litti. The place roasts up a mean mean litti chokha (mashed eggplant and tomatoes). It’s called the Bhojpur Special Litti Chokha.Bihari-Litti


  1. Wazwan

State: Jammu & Kashmir

The place serves up some really good Kashmiri grubs. The must try dishes include the goshtaba, rista and of course the kehwa.Featured image kashmiri


  1. Maharashtra Food Stall

State: Maharashtra

There is hardly a thing that is stall does below average. But still if we had to pick winners, we’d go with the sabudana khichdi , vada pav and shrikhand wit puran poli.VadaPAv


  1. Manipur Food Stall

State: Manipur

One word, ushop. Skim all else and head straight for the ‘Ushop Special’ section of this stall. Ushop is heir special selecetion of dishes served together (a thali of sorts).


  1. Shillong View

State: Meghalaya

The only olace you can overdose on pork and not even regret. This stall offers some excellent Meghalaya Special pork delicacies like the Pork Thali, Doh Nellong (pork in black sesame) and Dohkhleh (pork salad).vindaloo pork


  1. Nagaland Kitchen

State: Nagaland

Visit this stall just for their mind-blowing thukpa and the (very) special Naga Thali complete with your choice of pork or chicken.


  1. Odisha

State: Odisha

One of the few places in Delhi that serves up authentic Odiya food, the stall does up a mean santula (mix veg curry) and chhena pora (a sweet paneer dish). If you’re feeling even more traditional, go for the pakhala combo.


  1. Punjabi Rasoi

State: Punjab

Dine like a hearty Punjabi and chow down a hearty meal, that is, the Punjabi Thali, add a platter of Tandoori Chiken, Paneer Tikka and finish it off with lassi and the special Punjab rabri chuski.Tandoori-Chicken-Recipe


  1. Rajasthan Food Stall

State: Rajasthan

Nobody does a better and richer thali than the Rajasthani so without a thought go for the Mewadi or Special Rajasthani Thali. If you’re in the mood for some snacking, the pyaj kachori should be your pick.Rajasthani-Thali


  1. Hotel Tamil Nadu

State: Tamil Nadu

Delicious buttery dosas and steaming hot idlis await you at Hotel Tamil Nadu. Do not forget to top off your meal with the tongue scorching filter coffee.filtercoffee


  1. Darbar E Awadh

State: Uttar Pradesh

Get a taste of royal Nawabi food at Darbar e Awadh. The place does lavish dishes, the best being galawati kebab with ulte tawe ka paratha, mutton biryani and mutton qorma. Vegetarians fret not, as there is a list of yummies on offer for you too like the Navratana Qorma and Paneer Pakiza.Korma4


  1. Zayaka

State: Uttarakhand

Treat yourself to a loaded thali complete with kafil, chaunsa, mandwa, jhangora kheer and a lot more, a.k.a. the Zayaka Uttarakhand Thali.


  1. Bijoli Grill

State: West Bengal

When speaking of Bengali delicacies, fish cannot go unnoticed. Try their fish kalia and prawn malai curry. Vegetarians can stuff themselves with aloo posto and cholar dal.



  1. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands

The menu here is a blend of North Indian and South Indian chows, which makes it a win-win for all! Do not miss out on their shakes, mix parathas and fried idli.


  1. Mahak Restaurant

State: Delhi

Delhi might not have a culture of its own but we take full pride in our state stall! Do try the momos, tandoori chicken and crab masala.Momos are in


  1. Tashi Delek Food Stall


Amongst the traditionally rich states of India, stands the equally rich cultured Tibet’s food stall. The thukpa, sikkimese noodles and non-veg thali will leave you panting for more.rigo tibetan


  1. Navdanya Organic Food Café

Allow your palate some healthy time with the wholesome food at Navdanya. So try their Ragi Idli, Nine Bean Salad and Paneer in Amarnath Gravy.


  1. Aagan Ka Zaika

Can’t decide which state to visit? Not a problem because Aagan Ka Zaika has pretty much every cuisine you could want –South India, North India, Chinese, street food, fast food, you name it!chaat_gi


  1. Kesariya Qulfi

Finish off your food trip with a delicious matka kulfi; or experiment with the flavors and pick out something fancier.Kulfi-1024x499


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