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10 Iconic Disney Food Moments For A Throwback To Childhood


Disney movies were such an important part of our childhood. Even today, with movies like ‘Brave’, Disney continues to hold a place in our heart. While we weren’t pretending to be princesses or warriors, we were drooling over the delicious food that was pictured in our favourite movies. Here are some classic food moments that will throw every Disney lover back to their childhood.

Alice in Wonderland


Alice eats a tiny bit of cake and balloons in size. She bursts into tears, causing a massive flood which she later swims in. Sounds familiar?



This adorable film starring Remy the rat circles around Remy’s dream to become a MasterChef. The ultimate Disney foodie movie!



In a fit of frustration, Merida gives her mother some enchanted cake that turns her into a bear. Later in the movie, her triplet brothers also devour the cake, turning them into adorable little bear cubs.

Lady and the Tramp


This is one of our favourite scenes in the movie, and probably one of the reasons why spaghetti is considered a romantic food.

Snow White


The apple; the forbidden fruit that had massive repercussions for Snow White.

Freaky Friday


These suspicious fortune cookies cause mother and daughter to switch bodies. Beware of the fortune cookie!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs


Raining cats and dogs is so passé. In this film, meatballs, burgers and donuts fall from the sky. It’s all our dreams come true!

The Princess And The Frog


Tiana works hard to replicate her daddy’s gumbo when she’s all grown up. Does she succeed? Watch the movie and see.

Beauty and the Beast


In the song ‘Be My Guest’, inanimate objects, pies and puddings do a jig for Belle.

The Lion King


When teaching him how to survive in the wild, Timon and Pumbaa show Simba how to forage for grubs. Tasty!