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Disney’s Pixar Fest Has The Most Adorable Finding Nemo Cake Pops


It’s that time of year again! Disneyland’s beloved Pixar Fest is back, which means more souvenirs, and (more importantly) snacks! This year, we’ve got to say that the most adorable food item on the menu is definitely these Finding Nemo inspired cake pops, just look at them!

The Nemo version is a chocolate cake pop dipped in white chocolate, covered in orange sugar and decorated with candy-coated chocolates and sour belts.

The Baby Dory cake pop is chocolate cake on the inside that is dipped in white chocolate, coated with blue sugar and decorated with white and dark chocolate and sour belts. Get your hands on them at Pooh Corner in Critter County.

However, we do wonder, are these cake pops too adorable to eat? Let us know in the comments below!

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