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WAFL Steps Foot In India, First Outlet Open In SDA Market, New Delhi


With restaurants after bakeries after kiosks rolling out a variety of epic waffles, the breakfast food has now become a trendy snack that people are ready to eat from morning to evening to midnight. And to leverage this popularity, a number of homegrown and international waffle chains have opened shop across India. The latest player who will soon join the bullpen is WAFL, one of the fastest growing international waffle chains.



With over 50 quick service restaurants (QSRs) all over the globe, WAFL’s food menu carries a range of edibles like the Hongkong WAFL, Belgian WAFL, WAFL Corn Dog, WAFL Sandwich, WAFL Pie and the unique J-Tube for soft serve, which can be paired with thick shakes, tea, and coffee.

In addition to these, WAFL also rolls out unique corn-based products, which are a rarity elsewhere. And with this USP in tow, WAFL will be entering the Indian market. Products to look forward to including the J-Tube soft serve, which will change the way India enjoys soft serves as the corn makes the serve crispier.

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Coming Soon

WAFL is planning an India with an aim to launch 80 outlets based on the franchisee module, pan-India in 2018. These outlets will span over a compact 200-250 sq. ft. space and have the capacity to seat 8-16 people. The first outlet is already up and functioning in Delhi’s SDA Market (Psst! They’re giving out free coffee on every full waffle after 10 PM).

Speaking on the occasion, Rajeev Chawla, Executive Partner said, “Consumer is more health conscious now and caught up with the fast-paced life, so through our QSR we want to serve deliciously healthy food, to help them maintain their health-conscious need. We are positive that Indian market will like our products, we are eyeing pan India expansion.”

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