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Do You Know How to Remove Bitterness from a Cucumber?


A cucumber is refreshing and is the perfect snack to munch on, but then there are those cucumbers which are bitter and then your little refreshing bubble is popped. 

Normally, we add a little bit of salt and then it goes away. But what if there was a simple and cool trick to get rid of the bitterness? 

We found this video that shows that cutting the ends of a cucumber and then rubbing one end helps remove the bitterness. We know, it sounds a tad crazy and the video below of someone rubbing away at their cucumber also looks incredulous, but apparently the idea is to release the compound cucurbitacin which is found inside a number of ingredients including cucumber, melon and squash.

Cucurbitacin concentrates at the stems and ends of cucumbers, just cutting off the ends will help remove most of the bitter taste but the video bellow suggests rubbing the ends to eventually release a white foam that contains the cucurbitacins.

By the way, we tried and it worked. Watch the video below. Does it work for you?