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Eat In An Outdoorsy Style At Picnic All Day Eatery In Ghatkopar


Ocean waves, sand, boat paddles, playful, beach-like décor and interiors with bright colours gives you a refreshing vibe at the Picnic All Day Eatery. Come down to Ghatkopar to have an outdoorsy dining experience at this newly opened restaurant. Here, the food matches the vibe of the place and leaves you satiated.

Picnicking In Ghatkopar

The eatery is divided into three sections – outdoors, dining zone and the booth area. Unlike the beaches of Mumbai, this eatery is a plastic free zone, a fact that we loved as even the straws was made of eco-friendly material. To fight the humidity of the city and to get into a picnic vibe we ordered a Pineapple Thyme Limeade. This was utterly refreshing and works as a palate cleanser too.

Starting on a healthy note, we chose to have the Double Melon Magic Salad. It had spheres of watermelon and honeydew melons along with arugula, feta, olives and caramelised onions. The salad was light, packed with nutrition and tasty. One can definitely stick to their diet at this eatery.

Once an eatery chooses to be entirely vegetarian, there’s always scope for creativity because there is so much one can do sans the meat. We’ve all relished chicken popcorn but Popcorn Mushroom with a smashing barbecue ketchup was a unique twist. The eatery also makes Soya Kheema Pao but we picked their Soya Kheema Nachos which were top notch. Topped with the lovely kheema, the tortilla chips also had a generous helping of nacho cheese, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. Yum!

Drumrolls for one of the most delectable twists on vada pao we’ve had – Cheese Stuffed Vada Pao Sliders. Not tampering with the essence of the good old Indian burger, these sliders were amazing. The charcoal buns were made in-house, the colour black giving the dish a unique identity. The vada was on point only instead of the green chutney there was the chilli-garlic chutney with cheese that wasn’t at all overwhelming and in fact elevated the taste of the slider. Topped with a fried chilli and a side of fries, this slider is a must-have at Picnic All Day Eatery.

Picking a pizza isn’t easy once you get a choice which is beyond the regular pizza menus. We picked the Mexican Pizza that came with spicy chipotle sauce, black beans, corn, capsicum, zucchini, and jalapeno topped with sour cream. The pizza was absolutely divine, with a crispy bite, light helping of veggies and smashing sauces. The sour cream was like a cherry on the cake and we highly recommend this one to all those who visit Picnic. The dough and the base sauce is made in-house making it all the more appealing to the true blue foodies.

Though full we couldn’t help but order dessert because if the dishes were so awesome, we were sure the sweet delights would be great too. And how right we were! The Nutella & Choco Ganache Fondue awoke the child in us as we dipped colourful cake pieces, kiwi, apple and breadsticks into the luscious chocolate. The heavenly treat marked the end of our experience at Picnic All Day Eatery and we’re sure to come back here soon.

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