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Ente Keralam Is Here To Make Sure That You Have The Perfect Sadhya For This Onam


Ente Keralam aims to give their guests the kind of Onam experience that one would receive in god’s own country. And they have managed it get it on point. Walk into the restaurant, and you will feel like you have stepped into your grandmother’s home back in Kerala. There will be a beautiful pookalam, with a soft music playing in the background, and the men and women dressed in traditional attire.

Ente Keralam makes sure that they do not put together a Kerala sadhya just for the sake of it. They have bought the finest chef to prepare the delightful sadhya for the guests. Unnikrishnan Namoobidiri, who has been with Ente Keralam for the past five years to prepare the elaborate and authentic Kerala sadhya believes that sadhya is not just about the number of dishes, but a tradition that has to be experienced in a certain manner and we couldn’t agree more!

On 4th of September, Ente Keralam will start serving Onam sadhya from 11 AM onwards, and make sure that you have a light breakfast to accommodate all the dishes that they will be serving! The lunch will have traditional dishes like Ingipulith that will open up your taste buds. Once you are done with that, you are ready for the sadhya! Steamed rice cooked in the perfect consistency must be first had with Neiparippu. Followed by rice with sambhar and Kaalan.  For those of you, who might find Kalaan a bit spicy, do give the Olan a try. There will also be an array of dishes to be had like Pachadi, kootu curry, Avial, Kichadi, Thoran, etc.

Now, for the dessert. What’s a sadhya with just one payasam. Ente Kerlam has ensured that your lunch will be ended with a number of payasam and pradhamans to choose from. So, are you ready to have that the most authentic Kerala sadhya that Chennai has to offer?