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Experience The Taste of True India With Roseate’s ‘Unsung Recipes’


To explore our Indian roots has always been on everybody’s bucket list but rarely everyone gets a chance to do so. Roseate Hotels & Resorts is giving us an opportunity to strike that off our list. Their two-week culinary celebration will help you experience and truly appreciate the treasure trove of Indian recipes that have been hidden away from the mainstream fine dining for decades. Each dish featured on the menu has a different story to tell and the burst of regional flavours is bound to take you back to its roots.

Chef Simran Singh Thapar, the curator of the menu, has done immense research and tried to create a menu that includes the hidden gems of the Indian cuisine which although are extremely sought after dishes but rarely served at usual dining restaurants. He has procured ingredients from different States to ensure we experience nothing less than the authentic taste of India on our platter.

We began our meal with Multani Paneer and Meen Polichathu (Kerala) which was fish cooked and encased in banana leaf, marinated with coastal tamarind and spices. This was followed by Bhooni Makai Ki Raab, a traditional corn and buttermilk soup flavoured with cumin seeds and Paya Shorba, slow braised lamb trotter soup which was flavoured with some aromatic spices.

Moving on to the main course, we tasted Ranjitshahi Paneer which was inspired from the royal kitchens of Punjab and Moge wala kukkad which was an inspiration from the Punjabi ‘dhabas‘. We ended our meal with Chhena Poda which is a classic sweet dish from Odisha made with cheese prepared from fresh cow milk served with mango relish.

These dishes are being cooked in Indian kitchens for centuries but have been hidden from our taste buds. Thanks to Roseate we now have an opportunity to revive India’s rich cultural heritage so don’t miss out! You can head to Kiyanthe all-day global dining restaurant at The Roseate, New Delhi and DEL – the all-day dining bistro at Roseate House, New Delhi for an experience of the ‘Unsung Recipes’ from diverse parts of India.