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Few tips to avoid health issues because of hectic schedule


The incessant work hysteria and the office work load often make your health and diet bear the brunt of your hectic schedule. Blaming the maniacal frenzy attached with your office life is not going to do any good, but improving your food habits surely can. It is best way you can keep a check on your health if you don’t have the time to exercise.
The food that you eat is much more important than you think, as the entire functioning of your body depends on it. Here are a few tips that can bring about a great change in your eating habits.
• It is recommended to eat after every 2 hours for better absorption of the nutrients from the food. It also helps in avoiding the accumulation of fat in your body.
• Drinking green tea has numerous benefits for your health as it contains a number of antioxidants which help in cleaning the toxins from your body. Drinking green tea in morning also helps in reducing weight and eliminating your stress levels.
• Haldirams’ Classic Salted Peanuts are considered to be very healthy and nutritious. They are a good source of protein and magnesium. They are the best option to appease your food craving before lunch.
• Ready to drink Chaas helps you in maintaining high level of energy throughout the day.
• A slice of cheese helps you in improving your health as it supplies you enough proteins, calcium and Vitamin B12.
• Drinking adequate amount of water is imperative as it offers numerous benefits for the human body.

Adopting these easy-to-follow ways you are likely to make no compromise on health and nutrition. Start following them from today!