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Have your First Date tonight? Here are 7 Foods that are an absolute No-No.


We have all heard it before: Don’t eat garlic on the first date. No onions unless you want to have an onion-y kiss. Don’t try spaghetti unless you want to concentrate on swirling your fork the rest of the night. Yes, yes we know. But the trick to a great date is to be yourself right? If you like garlic, go ahead and have some. Pop a mint later.

But having said that, there are some foods that you should just avoid because they get messy or will make you go to the bathroom one too many times. You wouldn’t want your date’s imagination to run wild on ‘why’, would you?

A Sloppy Joe

sloppy joe

It’s called the Sloppy Joe for a reason. The Sloppy Joes are messy and they will take your stomach for a gassy turn. Eating a Sloppy Joe just isn’t sexy. Avoid at all costs.



It’s considered to be a great first date activity. But if you haven’t had sushi before, it’s best you to make it a 10th date activity. Raw fish in your mouth, and you have to have it as a whole. That’s a whole 30 seconds of chewing raw fish. We know you like sushi, but if it’s a first date, give it a miss.



Yes, these magical beans will make your stomach bloat up and next thing you know, you’re Farty Farterson. Not sexy, is it?



Spaghetti is a little easier, but noodles in soup and you get two sticks to pick it up and shove it in your mouth before it sinks back into the soup. Not for us, thank you.

BBQ Ribs


Ribs are yummy as hell. But the collateral damage is the number of napkins you need to use to make sure your face stays clean for the surprise peck. Try something less messy.

Anything Super-Spicy

Chicken vindaloo Indian hot curry

They make you sweat. Imagine this, your date trying to have a moment gazing into your eyes, you feel the connection but… your nose starts sweating and you feel damp and gross instead of hot and sexy. No-No.

Fast Food

fast food

The entire reason you’re having a date is to enjoy a nice long conversation, some great food and basically getting to know the other person. You wouldn’t want to pick up fast food and suddenly your meal is over and you’re stuck in silence. Awkward.