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Does all flight food taste terrible? Here’s the REAL reason.


Why is it, when you’re on a plane, 35,000 feet from the ground, you tell the air hostess you’d like the chicken not the fish, she brings it to you-steaming hot, you peel that lovely packing and land the first spoon in your mouth and YUCK, happens? You’re annoyed that your Batter-fried chicken with mash tastes like muck and you’re not liking the airline anymore. You’re definitely not travelling with this airline anymore, Nuh-uh. But wait. We have something that will tell you why your food tastes bad.



“Your tongue’s not right”.

Your thinking, “Ha! Ain’t no batter fried chicken that tastes like that!”

But on a serious note 35,000 feet in the air, the first thing that goes is your sense of taste. Food tastes dull because you can’t taste it. Your nose is a bit weird too, actually. And that becomes a problem when you’re tasting things. This has been clinically proven, of course. Granted, reheated food does taste nothing like the real thing, but clearly that’s not the only problem.

So the next time you’re eating flight food and not liking it, tell your taste buds to wake up.