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Follow Your Gut To Make Good Decisions Say Experts


A study has recently been conducted by experts at the University of Exeter and found that animals and humans can make good decisions by following their gut. In fact the food in your stomach and your hunger levels have an effect on your decisions they say.

Hear It From The Experts

“Many of us sometimes get ‘hangry’: when hunger makes us emotional and changes our behaviour,” explains Dr. Higginson, the lead author of the study. “Our model explains why there is link between our gut and our decisions: hunger can act as a memory telling us there’s not been much food around, which it’s important to respond to in the wild. The usefulness of such memory means that animals, including humans, may appear to be processing a great deal of information in the brain when in fact they are just following their gut.”

“If it costs a lot of resources to be so clever, then natural selection will have found a cheaper way to make decisions,” said Professor John McNamara, from the University of Bristol’s School of Mathematics also a part of the study team. “The ability to use internal states such as hunger as a memory will have reduced the need to evolve big brains.”

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