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Foodology is an art, not a science


We caught up with Shree Periakaruppan recently and what she had to say will tickle your cooking bug. 

Years ago, Shree’s little one pushed his little bike closer to the stove, only so he could stand on it to see what she was cooking. She saw his face light up when she said he could help her make dinner. His plate was licked clean that night. She saw a spark around the kitchen. 

Foodology, was born. 

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Shree Periakaruppan started Foodology earlier this year to have classes for people who would enroll not only to whip up a dish or two, but for the pure fascination they had towards cooking. She wanted people to learn hands on as to how the ingredients and flavours held hands to make that one, truly magnificent dish.


And if you’re imagining girls, women and brides- to-be walking in alone, think again. Foodology has managed to rope in kids, working professionals, expats, dads and couples even! The best part about this whole venture is that the people who walk in become a part of one big Foodology family- because happy stomachs spread happy smiles! 

“Kids who cook early, grow up to eat healthy”, says Shree, mother of two. 

Foodology has got bright plans for the coming months-to have sessions on children’s chocolate, pastas, kinds of kebabs, Indian gravies and a baking series. They’re also looking at bride/ bridegroom cooking prep sessions before the big day. 


Walk in if a cooking class is not all you’re cooking for.  They’re at 3A Kasturibai Nagar, 2nd Main Road, Adyar. Call 090030 54885.