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Generation Z Is Bringing In A Meatless, Plant-Based Eating Trend


The people born between mid-1900s and mid-2000s are termed as Generation Z and according to recent reports by Business Insider, they are looking at plant based alternatives for meat. In a mission to reduce the worldwide dependency on animals and poultry, this generation begun a billion dollar trend in the food market.

The Meat Substitute Lovers

Generation Z makes up one-fourth of the US population and will soon form the 40% consumer group by 2020. According to a research conducted by Barclays, the generation has 57% people who eat tofu and 550% more of non-dairy milk as compared to millennials. Some even eat meat at rare occasions.

The trend for vegan trend is also high according to Google Trends and this includes people outside of Generation Z. Allied Market Research has also analysed that the substitute meat market is bound to grow by 8.4% on a yearly basis in the coming three years.

“College campuses feed the consumers of tomorrow,” Sharon Olson, cofounder of Y-Pulse, told Civil Eats. “These students are developing habits of a lifetime, including products they’ll look for when they graduate.”


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