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Get The Best Of Sweets & Savories At Delight Foods This Holi


Bengaluru-based online food service Delight Foods offers a variety of sweet ad salty snacks, pickles and bites from various cities all across India. And is probably the quickest and easiest way of savoring some murukkus in Amritsar!

Keeping in line with the festive spirit, Delight Foods is also offering some Holi-special hand-picked delights from each part of the country.


  1. Gujiya

From: Bhikaram Chandmal, Delhi

Savour some authentic Bikaneri gujjiyas and see hat it is like to get a taste of Rajasthan. Health conscious folk can even opt for the diet gujiyas! Dreams do come true after all.gujjiya


  1. Paneer Ghevar

From: Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur

With its origin deep-rooted in the Rajasthani capital, LMB’s signature Paneer Ghevar finds its way to our tea table this spring. And we couldn’t happier!paneer ghevar


  1. Moong Bhajiya

From: Agarwal420, Indore

Agarwal420’s Moong Bhajiya mix is a gem from their arsenal and a perfect accompaniment with holi celebrations. Skip the tedious dal-grinding woes and dive straight into a plate of hot and lip-smacking bhajiyas.moong bhajiya


  1. Badaam Thandai

From: Nonad Bhai Bhola Nath, Delhi

What is Holi without a tall glass of thandai? The badam thandai is a richer version of the original and comes slightly more loaded with the dry fruit. Slurp up this refreshing Indian drink to up the spring and holi feels.badam thandai


  1. Namak Paara

From: Almond House, Hyderabad

The perfect snack to munch with a cup of hot chai, the namak para is light, crunchy and delicious. Hints of black pepper and sesame seeds along with ajwain makes this Namak Paara really special!namak para


So save the local sweet shop gujjiya and throw yourself at these authentic nibbles!

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