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Get Some Gourmet Into Your Kitchen With The Mumbai Based Gourmet Treats


Some time ago, we received a Taste Case from ShopHop; a box filled with food created specially to introduce consumers to new, home-grown brands. Through the Taste Case, we discovered some exciting brands which created delicious products including Teasage – a loose leaf tea company, Oh! Fudge and Gourmet Treats.

Gourmet Treats: The Background

Gourmet Treats began as a mission to bridge the gap between healthy and taste food items and bring gourmet ingredients into home chefs’ kitchens.

It was founded by Chef Ishjot Suri, who has a professional degree from IJHM, a stint at the Taj Hotels and over four years experience in the F&B industry.

After being asked to make hand-made customised chocolates for friends and family and working as a tea consultant, Chef Ishjot created a range of tea recipes, flavoured dry fruits as well as spices, mixes and rubs to help chefs at home bring gourmet elements into their homes.

Today, the Gourmet Treats team includes Chef Ishjot Suri, Chef Anuj Rathi as a consultant, Samreedhi Goel as a consulting nutritionist and Tarveen Kaur, an image consultant.

What’s To Eat?

At present, Gourmet Treat’s products include Fiery Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Mustard & Basil, Black Tea with Orange, Blueberry with Blue Mellow Petals, Paan Masala Raisins and spiced Cashews.

If you’d like to buy Gourmet Treats’ goods, head to their website to see where they retail.