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Golden Girls Fans You Need This Themed Hot Sauce In Your Life


If you’re a Golden Girls fan, you’ll know just how heartbroken we all were when the show ended and rumours surfaced about disunity on the set. However, we do have to thank Always Fits for bringing the Golden Girls back into our lives with their collection of Golden Girls-themed hot sauce to get a bit of spice back in your life (since we know you’re missing Dorothy’s zingers).

There’s “Bea Spicy” for Beatrice Arthur’s Dorothy Zbornak character, “Desert Rose” for Betty White’s Rose Nylund, “Hot Slut” for Rue McClanahan’s Blanche Devereaux and “Sicilian Fire” for Estelle Getty’s Sophia Petrillo.

While Bea Spicy and Desert Rose are a bit milder than Hot Slut and Sicilian Fire (they do have habaneros in em) anyway the collection is sold in fours so you decide whether or not you’d like it hot or mild on any given day! Get yourself a little bit of the Golden Girls here for the reasonable (?) price of $32 or give it to a friend who loves the Golden Girls as much as you do (don’t forget to put it in a massive box so the biggest gift would be from you)!


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