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got farzified?


So finally after so long…..i got to visit farzi café. Went there on my birthday with my sibling and well having read such good reviews about it on zomato and given it was a regular on the talk…I had huge expectations and was ready to get farzified…..

That’s the question on everyone’s mouth who have been to this eatery….got farzified??? Well for me it was a yes and no both, there were some really good dishes but some medium/average parts too of the entire experience…..


Okay, so located in Gurgaon Cyber Hub, falling in line with much loved eateries like olive bistro, smoke house etc….. This place is brimming with people always…which speaks volumes about the high standards maintained.

The place is big enough with a stage for live performance in the middle….opposite which is the bar, and between are arranged tables for all kinds of groups!!

The main dominating element is the wooden framework and the patch of artificial grass on either ends…with few decorative pieces on the wall…nothing too fancy but nonetheless nothing too low key….the selection of music played in the background is great…though a tad too loud for being played in the background….


Service is mind-blowing, I think this place offers the fastest service….like those of fast food joints, which is commendable given it’s a restaurant serving a twist on various things to get you farzified….

The servers are well educated, suggestive, really friendly and attentive. Not a single flaw in service….and that for me is one crucial essence of a good eatery.


Before we ordered, as soon as we settled down, an awesome delicacy was bought to us…with obviously the farzi twist…mishti doi: using the main element of liquid nitrogen the farzi came into play with this cute yummy mishti doi shot!! Jelly like droplet of mishti doi with hint of strawberry sauce you may say, came floating atop farzi fog as was to be taken as a shot…..loved it….!! An explosion of flavors as soon as it hits your mouth.

So to start the fantastic food journey we ordered:

Duck samosa: samosa filled with smoked duck mince, covered in sweet barbeque type sauce was yummy with thin crisp patty and ample amount of filling, though the smoked duck flavor was lacking and anyone unaware of the protein used could easily mistake it for chicken samosa, though the twist was nice but not sufficient duck flavor to vouch for..

Vada pav: this was a great take on the traditional Mumbai vada pav, normally we get potato vada squeezed between fluffy pav with chutney and green chilly to compliment it, but here at farzi café the illusion spoke, and we were served pav in vada!!! Yes that’s right….spicy potato masala covered with a very thin layer of pav, served as the filling of vada….a spicy and different dish!! Enjoyed it.

Yuzu masala chicken lollipop: they looked like normal chicken lollipop but here, don’t go by what you see, one of the highlights, succulent chicken lollipop covered in sweet n spicy sauce stuffed with minced chicken….just like stuffed tangri….became one of my favorites!! , with enough hint of crushed black pepper to give it that zing.

Tandoori margherita kulcha: three tiny cute looking tandoori kulchas served in a dimsum basket were again one of the best features of the experience, stuffed with delicious cheese , tasted super yumm,tasted just like a perfect margherita pizza….got devoured down within seconds!!

To gulp it all down and to accompany the sumptuous delight we had:

Corona: well what to say….chilled corona with the above snacks …enjoyable..

Farzi ok: this drink is basically emulsion of orange juice and kaffir lime leaves, though it could have been much better in taste, but somehow for me was a let down, didn’t really enjoy as whole kaffir lime leaves were just thrown in with orange juice in a jar, without grinding and squeezing out the flavor of the leaves…so kind of tasted like tropical fruit juice!!!

With then end of starters and while we were busy in our convo and trying to make some space for further experiments, we were served with another palate cleanser in a book shaped box, frozen hajmola lollipops with dash of imli chutney on top, being frozen it kind of took away the flavor, though was a palate cleanser and did its work, but not really enjoyed by us!!

And to proceed further, though we were quite full by then, for the main course we ate:

Chicken tikka masala: semi spicy, thick gravy with succulent chunks of chicken, served with baby naan, was yummy and perfect!!!

And last but not the least, the main illusion to get us farzified….

Phirni oxide: this was the show stopper, the chef came to our table with various elements…so here is how it is prepared:

On a plate crushed sugar tablets (batashe) are places first, then phirni is oxidized by getting a quick dip in liquid nitrogen to freeze the semi-solid form, its placed on top and with the back of the spoon few hits at it and it crushes in chunks over the already placed element, it is then topped with falluda infused custard and topped with mewa soil/crumb!!! Its an amalgamation of flavors and textures more specifically!!!! And yes this got us farzified!!!

Though I must admit it was more of a show than an actual dish, it actually scored the lowest points in consideration with everything else we had, the falluda custard and the crumb was great but the oxidized phirni and batashe added a crunch but sadly a stale one….i would have preferred the dessert if the phirni was served in the form it was first brought to our table….

But after a few spoons we left this last dish, the only dish left unfinished, and boy were we full, in no way do I find the portion size small or insignificant, the quantity is apt and fulfilling!!!

Lastly and the most amazing part of the entire fiasco, we were served again in a book shaped box, well cotton candy gujiya, pillowy light texture, with melt in your mouth cloud like gujiyas filled with dried and chopped paan leaves…omg!!! What an end…. Absolutely loved it…

All in all : the dishes were quite unique and definitely were farzi in appearance, some illusion/drama accompanying a dish added so much more to the experience, the cutlery and utensils used were unique and gave the feeling of stone age…..yet some were modern and contemporary, prices are decent, servers and service flawless, and super yummy awesome food accompanied by good music…I am in love with the place….for 4 starters, 3 beers, 1 mocktail, 1 main course and 1 dessert the total bill came to be 4300 bucks, inclusive of tips and around 1000 bucks of taxes….totally worthed!!! And the bill was also served on a typewriter which again was a nice touch.

Highly recommended, will surely be back to try more and get farzified!!!

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