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Your Guide to the Microbreweries of Bangalore


The last couple of months have seen microbreweries springing up all over the unofficial pub capital of the country. Each brewery offers its own unique flavor and ambience and strives to have the “X-factor” to draw the guzzlers of the city. Just so you don’t get lost in the maze of microbreweries out there, here’s a guide for any beer-lover!



The first microbrewery that opened in the city (and South India) still attracts a huge crowd every weekend. Located in the luxurious avenue opposite UB city, Biere Club is a tad on the expensive side. They have a nice, well-lit space and some cool graffiti on the walls. The brewed beer is average, their food, better. Head here if you are having a casual business meeting or taking out the unorthodox relatives in town.

Try-out Beer : The Wheat Beer



The first thing that strikes you as you enter this place is the amazing roof-top view.[pullquote] The mind-blowing ambience this place offers you with the open skies and subtle lighting makes it a must-visit.[/pullquote] You know by the name, that they are going to serve you some of the better brews in the city. It is not too expensive and if you go in bigger groups they do offer some discounts occasionally, which is a plus. The accompaniments on the menu go really well with their beer, with the Tandoor dishes taking the prize. The buffet is passable but the beer makes up for it.

Try-out Beer : Barleyz special



One of the more affordable breweries in the city, Prost is a perfect hang-out spot for the chillers. A nice aura created by the old wood and tool prototypes hung on the wall. Not the most orthodox of decorations but nevertheless it gives a classic warehouse experience. Don’t let its prices fool you, Prost has some of the best brews in the city. Their “Cider Rider” (Apple Cider) is among the best I have tasted. The pub grub is delightfully delicious, and their fish and chips is a must-try. Overall, this place will make you go “Prost!”(‘Cheers’ in German) in more ways than one.

Try-out Beer : Cider Rider



Located in one of the star hotels in Indiranagar residential area, Murphy’s is one of the newer breweries in the city. For those of you who love the classic pizza and beer routine, this is the place for you. Their wood fired pizza is out of the world. With their unique takes on beer, this Irish pub, its barrel-shaped furniture and extensive woodwork has got it all right. And what’s more, it’s considerably light on your wallet.

Try-out Beer : Good Golly



The name says it all. Greeted by huge brewing tanks that you can see through the glass wall when you walk in, this brewery will not disappoint you. The place is huge and has the advantage of never looking filled even with the large number of beer guzzlers doing what they do best. The patio is cozy and comfortable although you might want to give it a miss if you are a non-smoker. The beer is excellent and easily a contender for the best brew in Bangalore. Even though it could get a little heavy on the wallet, it’s completely worth it!



Another place with some breathtaking ambience. But that’s the end of it. The beer has higher content of water than other breweries in town and the food is average. However, the ambience, enthusiastic crowd and the dance music played can make for quite a happening weekend.



Easily the busiest brewery in Bangalore, one visit and you will know why. Toit is 4 years old and still going strong. Extensions have been added to accommodate their ever-increasing crowd of loyal beer-drinkers. The brewed beer can change the mind of even a hardcore whiskey-junkie and it caters to the needs of every beer-lover. [pullquote]From light to dark to fruity they serve one great beer after the other.[/pullquote] Their Nachos and Pizza are great accompaniments and their foot-tapping music is the icing on the cake.

Try-Out Beer : Toit Weiss

This isn’t the end of it, there are a few more microbreweries in town, established ones like Windmills Craftworks and newer ones like Big Pitcher, 3 Monkeys Brewpub. Head out to any one of them for a night of beer philandering, great music and some delicious food!