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Gurugram’s Own First Eat Provides Meals For The Health Conscious


Ever wonder about the caloric intake of your daily meals and how much nutrients it provides to your body on a daily basis? The key to a balanced and healthy lifestyle is to understand more about the ingredients in the meals you consume every day. With more health-based food startups sprouting across the country, the task of measuring ingredients and calories has become much more easier than ever before. One of the health food-based startups which has all the nutritious souls in Gurugram doing the health dance is First Eat. 

Nutritious Meals

First Eat, launched in 2015, provides daily Nutritionist recommended meal plans to the residents of Gurugram with the core proposition of knowing what you eat and understanding the nutrients which is part of your daily meal. With an expert panel of Nutritionists planning the right meals meticulously based on several factors, First Eat provides the right kind of food to encourage consumers into leading a healthy lifestyle. First Eat has also recently launched recommended diet plans pertaining to what the consumer aims to achieve as part of his/her diet – weight loss, muscle gain and balances meal plans. 


Health Knowledge

Speaking to Business World regarding the startup, Saikat Bagchi, co-founder of First Eat, said, “It’s pretty simple yet an extraordinary fact that our health pivots on eating right. Yet we all invest more on reactive services and curative measures, but often take for granted the most basic and easiest proactive approach of eating right – that can potentially eliminate any need of curative approach for our health. Information and knowledge hold the key towards better health planning, and this is the paradigm shift in people’s approach that we are trying to facilitate.” 


Nutritious Conscious 

With more research being conducted and published regarding nutritional information and the obesity problem in the country, many food- tech startups have been focusing on giving the consumer an easier means to achieve a healthy lifestyle. An increase in working professionals in the metros with less time to focus on eating healthy, food-startups such as First Eat have gained significant traction by allowing consumers to eat healthy with their pre-packaged meals. First Eat currently serves nearly 200 daily meals in the Gurugram region with further expansion in other areas of NCR planned in the near future.