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For Those of You Who Haven’t Got Your Soylent Boxes Yet, ‘Schmoylent’ is for You


Soylent’s keeping you waiting? Meet Schmoylent.

Rob Rhineheart’s food substitute “Soylent” has taken the world by storm. The beige-coloured milkshake is so popular that there is waiting list for the food product’s delivery. Well, if you don’t want to wait another 3 months for your food substitute, there is another substitute for your food substitute called “Schmoylent”.

schmoylent 2

The knockoff promises to deliver in one to three weeks and has people scrambling as well. Reviewers on the product website claim that this nutrient milkshake that supposedly contains everything that humans need to survive, has the grainy texture of pancake batter and an oaty, slight vanilla flavor. The beige meal substitute sells for $20 and a month’s supply is only going to cost you $300. Is this really the future of food?