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Here’s What The Internet Is Freaking Over Now: The Mufgel


You read that right. A mufgel. Which, if you really think about it, is what happens when you mash up a muffin and a bagel. And this isn’t even the first of the strange food mash-ups with even stranger names, but it’s definitely one that sounds bizarre. Does it taste good? We don’t know yet, but if you’re in New York, you could definitely find out.

Remember the rainbow bagels? Well, the mufgel comes from the same spot that gave the world the wonderful creation that really set the rainbow food into motion. The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has now introduced the mufgel onto their menu. And also have a few other food mash-ups that are probably going to confuse or offend you. For example: cragels (which are croissant-bagels), pookies (which are pie crust cookies), and a funnel cake waffle bagel (try giving that a shorter name, we dare you).

You’re probably thinking that because it’s a muffin and a bagel, it’s going to be sweet, but we have news for you. It’s not. They’ve got a pizza mufgel or even a bacon, egg and cheese mufgel, making it a really good and heavy breakfast, because it’s got the best of everything. Fear not, they’ve also got sweet mufgels, like the carrot cake mufgels and chocolate chip crumb mufgels. 

One of each maybe? Take a look at these pictures and tell us that you’re not even a little tempted to try one now. ‘Cause we are.