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Here’s Why Starbucks Food Looks Identical At Every Outlet


The reason why the food appears the same at every Starbucks outlet no matter which country you are in is because the food is frozen. The food gets prepped, chopped and cooked at a far away location. However, the major coffee chain has given the access to the world to read how the food is processed, packaged and transported therefore being transparent about their food policies and quality control.

Once the food is cooked, it is frozen and sealed in plastic containers before transporting it. The containers are kept at specific temperatures and only specified transport routes are followed. The food after reaching the outlet is again kept in a freezer before bringing it out, heating it and serving it to you.

The risk with frozen foods includes, “lack of security, improper holding practices for food products awaiting shipment or inspection, improper temperature control, cross-contamination, and improper loading” according to International Association of Food Protection. The problem is that you do not know when the food was cooked and it could be weeks or even a few months old. The food is marked with an expiration date but that too can have consequences. For example, last year Starbucks sandwiches were recalled. These were marked an expiration date of six months ahead.

It is highly doubtful that Starbucks will stop this practice anytime soon as installing a kitchen outlet would not be feasible for as big a chain as this. Cases of food poising from Starbucks come on an almost daily basis but no one has been seriously ill due to the food.