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Here’s The Best Alternative To Artificial Food Colorants


The food industry is always under scrutiny to make sure that any additive or preservative used is fit for human consumption. With the customers being increasingly aware of what goes into their food, most companies try to steer away from any sort of harmful ingredient to ensure that they do not face the wrath of the public. Food colours are common  in our kitchen.

According to last year’s  Nielsen Survey, more than sixty percent of consumers are concerned over food colouring. FDA has banned certain artificial colours in the past after evidence linking them to various health risks emerged. Thus, it is safe to assume that these food colourings are not always a good option when it comes to matters of health. Even though FDA still allows other food colourings to be used, more and more food manufacturers are opting for natural colours that are extracted from fruits, vegetables and plants.

These natural colours, which can be made from beetroots, pumpkins and carrots, are being used in a number of food products from gummy bears to breakfast cereals to sports drinks. As these colours are obtained from fruits and vegetables, they are able to retain their beneficial phytonutrient profiles and give a touch of healthiness to the food.

This way of using natural colours is still catching up but a number of companies have completely eradicated the usage of artificial colourings from their food like Goldfish, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese etc. You can always make these natural food colours at home. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube on them.