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Here’s How You Can Make A Difference By Donating Food This Christmas In Chennai


Christmas season is fun. No one can deny that. Some people love it for the break, all for the food, some for how decorated every place looks and some love it for for the little joys that the season brings along. The joy of kids literally sleeping tight by trying hard to hold in the excitement of waking up to the presents under the tree, the joy you get by looking at your beautifully decorated house, the joy of sleeping without having to do any homework for tomorrow, the joy of dressing up your kids and wondering if anything at all is more beautiful than their smiles and the list goes on. There are an endless number of things we feel joyful about and in the midst of it all let’s not forget the most important thing that Christmas stands for, the Joy of Giving. The pleasure you get out of giving is one that needs to be felt rather than explained. Reality is that there are people who haven’t even felt any of those above mentioned joys in life, still finding their way around to make ends meet, only and only to see their kids flash a smile. There are kids who await different kinds of joys in life. Take a step towards making a difference and help organisations this Christmas by donating food. 


1. Madras Pavillion

Buy cakes this Christmas from Madras Pavilion and the money goes as a contribution to charity. 


2. Donate Leftover food


The leftover food from your Christmas dinner parties can be shared with some NGOs that work for this cause. Their volunteers pick up the food and then distribute it among the needy. Food bank and Wrap It. Don’t Waste food are some organisations that work towards the cause. 

Food bank Chennai can be reached at these numbers 044-2433 1522, Krish 099403 74037, Anandh SG 098414 39446, Ajay Kumar 097860 11166 / 090036 61122. There are 14 centers in Chennai. All y0u have to do is cook a simple meal, pack it neatly and hand it over to the Food Bank’s locality champion in your area. 

 Wrap it. Don’t waste food can be reached at the following numbers 099520 63561, 099405 58802, 099403 18578, 096001 33657 and their facebook page is


3. No Hungry Child 


It is a recognized NGO feeding over thousands of underprivileged children. Donate to the NGO  and support them.  For more details, visit their website


4. Sri Arunodayam 

What next?

An Orphanage for Children. You can make donations to this organization at various levels like sponsoring milk, medicines, breakfast and dinner for the children. 


5. Chennai Foodbank

Food Bank Logo

You can donate rice to this organization and they have a method for doing it. After you sign up with them, they give you 5kg rice container that you can fill up through the month by just take a fistful of rice everyday before every meal and saving it. The containers are collected every month and replaced. 

Visit their website at


6. Akshaya Trust


Akshya Trust is a home for everyone from Children to the elderly and mentally ill. Their main focus is the feeding program where their task to provide the needy with three full-fledged meals is met. You can donate by logging onto their website


7. Skip-a-Meal


Skip-a-Meal is an organisation which was started by students. All you have to do is skip one meal from your day, pack it and give to the organization. They distribute it to all the homeless people in the city. They do this on a weekly basis. You can get in touch with the organization to discuss the possibilities. Here are the contact details

Phone: +967 3 878 766

Email: [email protected]

 If you want to get directly involved in the act of giving. Then cook a meal everyday and pass it on to the orphanes and old age homes nearby.