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IKEA Introduces A DIY Series Called “The Dining Club” In London


The latest dining innovation comes from IKEA, known for their sleek designs and furniture, and it starts in London next week. According to the IKEA website this new venture is called “The Dining Club” and will be a free DIY series that will run from September 10 to September 25th where customers can submit an application to partake in a cooking-for-yourself program and cook with their friends under the watchful eyes of head chef.

The amateur cooks can make either lunch, brunch or dinner with a group of 7 to 19 friends and once the meal is complete, the group gets to enjoy the meal themselves with a fun and food filled party. This is a perfect experience for those who like to cook and those that like to cook with friends and in a group. This pop-up experience will also include a cafe that will have the infamous Swedish meatballs, pulled salmon rolls and smorgasbords.

There are 38 free “food for thought” workshop sessions already listed on the website, but they’re selling out really fast. Some of the workshops include Symmetry Breakfast, Michael Zee, IKEA Food Direction, Tania Dolphin, Creative Cooking with Kids, Stefan Gates, 1 ingredient, 4 ways, Plantbased Pixie.

Watch the below video to get a better understanding of what The Dining Club is all about.