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Indian Restaurant in Canada is Offering Free Meals to the Less Fortunate


Even today, there is such a large number of people living under the poverty line around the world. And there have always been some restaurants that have opened their doors to feed the needy and give them shelter for a few hours.

Not long ago, we mentioned the restaurant in Kochi setting up a refrigerator outside their restaurant, allowing people to leave food for the needy and the homeless. Joining the ranks is Chef Parkash Chibber who owns a restaurant in Edmonton, Canada called Indian Fusion: The Curry House.


Chef Chibber has been doing this for a few years, offering freshly cooked food for the less fortunate in the city of Edmonton. If you can’t pay for a meal, you are encouraged to either ring a bell or walk into the restaurant to eat a meal for free. They even put up signs on their back door, which reads:


The second sign even breaks it down and offers a Free Meal Menu which has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and asks that those coming to the restaurant “please bring any allergy-dietary concerns to the attention of your server.”

The idea behind putting up the sign, according to Chef Chibber is that he’s been fortunate enough to run a restaurant which always has more than enough food and this was the best way to deal with excess food. He even said that “There are days when no on knocks and then there are also days when 3-10 people make use of our Free Meal Menu.”

People from all over the world are commenting on their Facebook page and profusely thanking them for their generosity.

A little goes a long way. Good job, Chef Chibber!

Image credits: Indian Fusion Curry House Facebook