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The Rewards Are CLOZERR!


Have you ever visited a restaurant so much that you thought you needed to be noticed and appreciated by their management? Clozerr does just that at the click of a button.

This one-of-a-kind mobile app, the 11th to be launched by an IIT-M student, lets you search for restaurants near you and offers exclusive deals that can be redeemed as soon as you check-in at the restaurant. The deal that pops up on your app once you are checked-in need only be shown to the restaurant staff and the rest is taken care of.

What’s more is that it contains a loyalty based reward system giving you a different customized offer each time you visit the same restaurant. The app also comes with an intelligent personification system which captures details such as your favorite dish or your average spend each time you go out.

Clozerr Team has already partnered with about 20 restaurants in Chennai with the hope of increasing the number. With the Google Play store already showing app download of 100-500, this app combines the ease of searching for a restaurant and the loyalty card that comes with it and can be considered a contender for the ever expanding food-app sphere.