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Kochi Restaurant Sets Up Public Fridge For the Homeless


According to a 2011 consensus, there were 1.77 million homeless people in India alone. The numbers have obviously gone up in the last five years. But small groups of people are making a change and helping as much as they can.

While it might not be a roof over their heads at this point, Pappada Vada, a restaurant in Kochi, has set up a refrigerator outside where people can leave food and drinks for the homeless in the area.

Named Nanma Maram (which translates to ‘Tree of Goodness’ in Malayalam), this fridge is the ‘tree’ that keeps on giving. And has been installed right outside the restaurant and will function 24 hours a day, giving everyone access to it. Above and beyond the kindness of the people in the area, the restaurant will also put 50 packets of food a day into the fridge.

As expected, there are also certain conditions to using the fridge. The food should be fresh and clean, neatly packed and the date of preparation should also be mentioned. 

This one small step can go a long way.