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Is Your Food Cuter Than These Japanese Dishes?


It is said that eating smaller portions can be super beneficial for health. But how small is small? Apparently miniature.

Japanese YoutTubers have started this crazy but adorable trend of uploading videos wherein they are cooking miniature food using minuscule utensils. The “Kawaii” (Japanese for “cute”) food trend involves every single detail and ingredient that is used in cooking ‘normal-sized food’ and is often served to tiny dolls.

One YouTube channel that has been taking Kawaii seriously is Miniature Space. The expert miniature food creator cooks up everything right from cheeseburgers to mouthwatering cake

“I think in general, cooking/food is a massive interest topic on YouTube and when you add the ‘cute’ factor to it, then you create a potential trend that speaks to not only a specific interest group but appeals to a broader audience through making content shareable. The cute dimension adds up emotion to the content, hence increases its chance of shareability”, explained Bengu Atamer in an interview to Business Insider.

Have a look at what else is being prepared on the now trending miniature stoves and kilns.



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