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Jamie Oliver Raps His Way To Better Food Habits


Remember that video of Jamie Oliver singing a parody of ‘Shake It Off’ in his bake off against Taylor Swift? Now, we’ve tracked down another example of his musical talents. This time he’s rapping for Food Revolution Day, which was on 15th May. The Food Revolution Day is part of the Food Revolution campaign spearheaded by Oliver through which he aims to make food education compulsory in school curriculums worldwide. 

In the video Oliver raps “If you haven’t got a clue about the mess that we’re in, the answer lies here in the words that we sing,” and goes on to elaborate on the essential need for food education and encourages viewers to sign a petition. Sounds a bit dry? Watch the video and you’ll see things differently. If it isn’t enough that Oliver is pouring his heart out through rap, you can drool over Ed Sheeran and Hugh Jackman who join Oliver to promote the cause.