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KFC Is Just Now Releasing the Zinger Burger In America And We Feel Smug As Hell


For the first time, in a very long time, we have managed to one-up the United States of America (I mean, come on Obama was next level). Americans are finally getting a taste of the Zinger Burger (or as they call it ‘sandwich’) and we’ve had it almost as long as there has been a KFC on our shores.

All of us here on the subcontinent know the feeling of your friends coming back from the States and saying “OMG, you don’t have Chipotle here?” or “Seriously? Starbucks just opened?” No, Sharon, who went on a two week trip for your third cousin’s wedding and probably never eats Mexican food here, we don’t have Chipotle. Yes, Starbucks just opened ( which, regardless of the country you’re in, is still a ripoff).

We have also experienced the absolute horror of movies releasing anywhere from one to four months after they release in the States, or even China (Gee, thanks, censor board!) and hearing everyone in the world exclaim “You haven’t seen it yet!” No, we haven’t, and yes, the words ‘releasing along with the rest of the world’ are absolutely sacred to us.

Finally, (no I’m not being melodramatic) finally, we can rub it in their faces! America, we had the Zinger Burger before you and it is darn delicious! This is akin to the moment where someone in America freaked out about discovering the chizza but we had had it for over a year, no big deal. Or more recently, when a Czech company discovered the miswak twig and started selling one for over $5 (I know, ridiculous).

Unfortunately, we can’t actually take credit for all its spicy deliciousness. The Zinger Burger was actually invented in 1984 in Trinidad and Tobago. We don’t feel too bad about that because it was a stroke of genius that can’t be ignored. To prove it, the Brits and the Aussies like it as well, so we’re clearly not the only ones with good taste. We just wanted to say, we had it first!

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